Andrew Davis

About Me

Author of Mastering Salesforce DevOps. Software architect, developer, and product leader with a focus on the human side of software development.

Trained as an engineer, I spent fifteen years as a Buddhist monk, teaching meditation and personal transformation and helping develop communities of practice. These days I study the intersection of business, technology, and psychology through systems thinking. My next book on this topic is coauthored with Steve Pereira, and will be launching from IT Revolution Press in Spring 2024.

Organizations are complex systems that arise from personal interactions. Bringing peace and meaning to work creates organizations that learn, adapt, and thrive. My speaking and writing focus on explaining technical concepts in simple terms.

I offer free classes on personal transformation at, blog at and write for technical publications like InfoQ

I’m the Chief Product Officer for AutoRABIT, the leading DevOps platform for low-code SaaS systems. Before joining AutoRABIT I worked in various roles at Copado, and as a developer and architect at Appirio (Wipro), where I led the creation of Amplify DX, a set of tools to enable Salesforce CI/CD. 

At different times, I led Appirio’s technical governance, DevOps, and certification programs and gained 16 Salesforce certifications. I’ve spent a large portion of the last twenty years as a teacher and public speaker, including many recent DevOps and Salesforce conferences. I live in San Diego with my wife and two very sweet dogs.

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